Anonymous: No thats makes sense thank you!!! Under what do I find screen though? I suppose I'm a pretty bad Photoshop user!

Nooo ooh I forgot to say I use GIMP. But I’m sure there’s an option similar. Alone it will look kind of lightened up and less contrasty hehe!!

Anonymous: Wow thank you for answering all of those!!! I feel bad but I have one more question :( do you think you could explain what you mean by 40% screen and 30% overlay? I know Photoshop pretty well so idk why I'm so confused!!! Sorry!

Ahh sorry!! I meant duplications of the picture!! Have three layers of the same picture then set the top one to “screen” and the middle one to “overlay” and then make the opacity of the layer whatever % that fits the picture and what you want it to look like!! Feel free to ask again if I’m not clear haha ;_;

Anonymous: 6. what camera do you have and do you use any extra lenses? 7. your photos are always so bright and soft, is it because you have really nice lighting in your room? SORRY FOR ALL THESE ANNOYING QUESTIONS AHHH

6. I have canon eos 500d!! I’ve had it for about three years I think, and I still love it. Most of the time I use the 50mm lens because it gives a nice depth and is easy to carry around!! 7. It’s true I try to take pictures when the sun shines the best!! But I also edit them a bit. (One duplicated layer with 40% screen (on top) and one with 30% overlay (in the middle) and the original picture in the bottom but remember to force the overlay-layer down first or the screen layer will fuck it up ;3;) But may vary depending on how bright the picture is from start hehe……  

Anonymous: hello!!! i lurked your personal blog a bit and i have a lot of annoying questions, sorry! 1. how did you get your bangs to curl to the side? 2. your skin is so nice, do you use any skincare/makeup? 3. same with hair! its so long and nice 4. where did you get that cute frilly lingerie? 5. ...i want your nose

Aww!!!!! 1. I just bent them like inwards and then flipped them to the side if you understand my poor explanation??? ): And then I hairsprayed them a little because my hair hates when I try to shape it hehe. 2. Well noo my skin isn’t very nice actually, it gets red when you touch it ;_; But I use “Triple Active Fresh” from L´oreal before I put on any makeup or before I go to bed!! And the only makeup I’ve found that matches my skin is the reflex concealer “light” by Make Up Store. I actually use it over all of my face, I bet that’s pretty bad for my skin but it doesn’t feel cakey at all actually!! And then I use the lightest lumene powder just to matte it out a bit!! 3. Well!! I’ve almost stopped straightening my hair. Every morning when I’ve dried my hair I put in L´ANZAs Keratin Healing Oil so it gets all silky and smooth. Other than that I do nothing special… Well!! I don’t know if it helps but I try to always sleep with loose braids!! So the hair doesn’t get wispy. 4. The pink/peachy lingerie with garterbelt is from H&M actually!! Other than that I’d say I get a lot of panties at Accessorize… And the top in the left of the picture is second hand!! 5. IT’S A POTATO YOU DON’T WANT IT I PROMISE ; 3;

I have the laziest bunny!! He flops over on one side and then he eats hay while almost sleeping. ♡ such lazy

I’m really tired and I sang Finn the Jake and dog the human (I’m sorry)