It’s the holiday season~ ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ and what better way to thank u guys than to give lovely bundles of sweet…sweetness (´ー`;)ゞ  

This lucky person would receive a “kawaii package” complete with a Seifuku(bc everyone deserves to have at least one of these in their closet right), furry coat with ears (something fluffy and cute 2 hug you when it gets cold), korean/japanese bubble hair dye (/cries/ there goes my collection), and a lot more cute goodies (bc why not u guys deserve it ಥ‿ಥ)

The winner shall receive: 
°☆ Pink sailor seifuku (with new tags)
°☆ White bear furry jacket thing with ears (preview)
°☆ Celeste Stein Angel Tights (First Kiss)
°☆ Richenna Korean Bubble hair dye (Pink Brown)
°☆ パルチイー「バニラベージュ」 (Palty Bubble hair dye/Vanila Beige)
°☆ ルミナスチェンジアイラッシュFalse Eyelashes Set
°☆ Sanrio Hello Kitty Coloring Pens set
°☆ Original Little Twin Stars Fan
°☆ Original Little Twin stars(きらきらシール)stickers set
°☆ ラインストーンシール (Pink Crystal Rhine Stones Seal — for iphone cases/ds/laptops/etc)
°☆ Pink Chocolate contact lenses case
°☆ 4 Cute pins (Purple Bow, Pink bow, Chocolate heart cake, Totorro)
°☆ Cute USB pink mouse
°☆ Popteen Issue #380

Preview pictures (Raw):  ,  , 

Now for instructions/Rules! (シ_ _)シ
°☆ Must be following me! (this giveaway is originally for my followers, so if you’d be a part of it that’d be really cool (´;ω;`) )
°☆ Reblogs only please (o´ω`o)   
°☆ Please do not delete this text
°☆ No giveaway blogs! (If you’re a sideblog, don’t forget to inform me as well!)
°☆ Must have parent’s consent/be comfortable giving me an address to send it to
°☆Ask box must be open. If i don’t receive a reply from the chosen winner within 2-3 days I will choose another winner. (*ノωノ)
°☆ Post must reach at least over 100 notes (doubting it will but hey it’d be cool either way)
°☆ Must be okay with revealing their URL to the public if ever deemed winner


The winner will get chosen via and shall be announced on: Jan 29, 2013

(((welp there goes my money/stuff but ho ho ho christmas joy for all u little balls of snow)))

Good luck to everyone! (´ε` )♡ 


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Anonymous: Jag vill se en video om du talar engelska. Jag tror att det skulle vara söt!

Haha åå jag vet inte, skulle nog inte ens våga göra en på svenska!!

Anonymous: That is the exact same thing as my boyfriend and I!! I can't believe its so similar. I think ur right, hear that alot. I would come off anon, but I feel embarrassed now :( dont take it personally! I look up to u and I am so thankful for your advice!!

It’s really sad to hear, I guess a lot of people have it this way. Seems we’re a bit too vulnerable, little berry friend!! I’ve turned a lot more childish the last one or two years. I think it might be a mechanism of defence??? ;3;
That’s alright!! I don’t want you to do anything you don’t feel 100% about!!
And thank you aw!! ♥︎

Anonymous: You have been in a relationship for quite a while, no? Any advice on how to get your bf's attention subtly? I feel like we have been together for so long he is losing interest in me and its sad

Yeah, more than three years. And I’m sorry to say I don’t know how. I many times cry because he doesn’t pay any attention to me (and he is the only one I spend time with since I have no friends). So I understand. My problem is me constantly trying to get him to notice me, I think it would help me if I like, focused more in trying to do things on my own. But I don’t know if your situation is the same… I’m sorry I don’t know ;_; I’m having trouble with the same thing myself. Try to get more confident, maybe, do more things on your own if you can. It’s hard but it seems to help when he sees I’m capable of doing things on my own (but I’m not). Feel free to message me off anon if you want to talk more!